You've often heard that your eyes are the window to your soul. At the same time, your eyes can help paint a picture regarding your inner health. Here are four symptoms that you may experience with your eyes that are actually signs of much larger, inner health problems:

1. Bloodshot Eyes

If you're suffering from eye redness, you are no doubt pretty concerned. Luckily, experts report that there is unlikely a valid reason to worry yourself to death. In fact, unless you are suffering other symptoms of serious nature, such as blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, extreme pain or confusion, you can probably rest your eyes at home to eliminate the problem. After all, common causes of redness in the eyes include allergies, colds and fatigue.

2. Tired Eyes

After you read several pages of a magazine or book, do you begin to feel drowsy? Do you have dark circles or bags beneath your eyes? Are your eyes puffier than usual? If so, the muscles in your eyes are probably tired. In some cases, there could be inadequate blood circulation. Take this time to get some extra rest and increase your eye-friendly nutrients and vitamins, including Vitamin A and Vitamin B2, to help liven up your eyes.

3. Yellow Eyes

When the whites of your eyes or your eyelids begin to turn yellow, the first thing you probably think about is liver trouble. However, it's not always your liver. In fact, yellowing of the eyelids can actually be pointing towards high cholesterol levels. Usually, if there are yellow spots or bumps (called deposits) rather than a full-blown yellow takeover of your eyelids or eye whites, then you need to speak to your doctor about getting tested for high cholesterol as well as heart disease.

4. Bulging Eyes

You may think that someone is trying to be rude to you or is overly anxious when they have protruding eyes, but their bulging eyes are likely a sign of a health problem. One of the more common conditions is an overactive thyroid, which would cause the tissues in and around the eyes to swell. However, there are a variety of reasons for bulging eyes, including autoimmune disorders. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to blindness in some individuals, especially those who are experiencing compression of the ophthalmic artery or optic nerve.

If you're worried about your eye health or your physical health, it is crucial to be checked out by both an eye doctor like Montgomery Eye Center and a general care physician. In many cases, your doctors can work together to locate the problem and treat it before it can cause any permanent damage.