Eye exams are performed at a young age in order to catch any developmental issues early on. If your doctor notices that your child has one perfectly healthy eye and the other eye is struggling, then your child may be dealing with Amblyopia. This is a lazy eye condition and it is commonly treated with the help of an eye patch. However, getting your child to wear an eye patch can be difficult and this becomes even more of a task once they start school. An eye patch works well to correct the lazy eye, it just takes patience. As a result, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your child wears their eye patch.

Find Patches That Fit Their Personality

Instead of using the traditional eye patches that look like large bandages, you can opt for more customized ones. They have patches that have characters, bright colors and words on them. Find a design that fits your child's personality and interests them. They may be more inclined to wear an eye patch that has their favorite cartoon character on it.

Give Them Someone to Relate to

It always helps to have someone that you can relate to. This is someone that may be experiencing the same struggles as you. Your children are no different, they also need someone that they can relate to and identify with. Even though you are their parents, that is not enough to convince them to wear the patch. As a result, try to find a popular character who wears an eye patch and use them as an example for your child. Your child may be more receptive to this character because they think the character is fun or cool.

Reward Them

Some children only respond well if they are being rewarded. As a result, tell your child how long they need to wear the eye patch before they can eat their favorite treat or watch their favorite show. This can quickly turn into a routine because your children will soon notice that they need to wear their eye patch for a certain amount of time before they can receive their reward.

Getting your child to wear their eye patch is a challenge. They may come up with any excuse not to wear it. However, wearing the eye patch now will help to avoid eye problems later on. Consult with a local vision clinic, such as Complete Family Vision Care, for more ideas.