Cosplaying is a fun hobby, but if you need to wear glasses to see clearly and can't wear contacts, it might make you feel discouraged. Wearing glasses can mar an otherwise perfect cosplay if your character doesn't wear spectacles. However, it's still possible to cosplay many characters faithfully and still be able to see clearly, too. Here are three easy cosplay ideas that will let you wear your glasses without damaging the appearance of your cosplay.

Characters with Glasses

While the anime, video games, and comic books do feature a lot of characters without glasses, there also many who do wear glasses. Some characters even use their glasses as part of their disguise, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a suitable character to cosplay as who also wears glasses.

Another thing to consider is whether a character you like only sometimes wears glasses. For example, maybe the character only puts on their glasses while they're studying, or while they're in school. To make the look a little more convincing, visit your eye doctor and bring a picture of the character you want to cosplay as. They can help you to find a pair of frames that closely match the character you want to cosplay as.

Any character who wears sunglasses is also a potential option; you just need to visit your eye doctor to get a pair of prescription sunglasses that match the character you choose.

Hiding Glasses

Another option is to hide your glasses under a prop that your character wears. For example, super heroes frequently wear masks that are fitted to cover the space surrounding their eyes. One easy trick to cosplay one of these characters while wearing glasses is to adhere the mask directly to the frames of your glasses, so that the frames of your glasses are hidden under the mask, but you can still see through the lenses.


If all else fails, consider dressing up as a character who wears a helmet! From fantasy epics to futuristic space heroes, there are plenty of full-face helmets in popular comics, games, and film that will allow you to wear your glasses but hide them from view. Keep in mind that if you have glasses with large frames, you may need to get a new pair from your eye doctor with a slimmer frame that will fit comfortably under your helmet.

You can have a completely perfect cosplay while wearing glasses that allow you to see, too. Just think about your favorite shows, games, and comics and choose a character that suits your needs. Learn more about eyeglasses here.