There are times when parents may not notice the signs that their child needs glasses. Some children need glasses very early in life, and if you know how to identify the signs of poor vision, you will ensure that your child can get the eye care they need as soon as possible. The following guide provides you with a few of the signs of poor vision to look for when trying to identify whether your child needs glasses.

Frequent Headaches

When your child has to strain to see, it can cause them to have headaches because their eyes are working so hard to try to see clearly. Take the time to track your child's headaches so that you can let the eye doctor know how often they are having them when you go in for their appointment.

Blurry Vision

It is possible for your child's vision to be slightly blurry without them even realizing it. To test for blurry vision, take the time to have your child close one of their eyes and attempt to read something from across the room. Repeat the process with the other eye. If you can tell that your child is struggling to read something they'd usually have no trouble with, be sure to let the doctor know.

Frequent Eye Rubbing

If your child complains that their eyes feel dry and itchy, there is a good chance that they are straining to see. When they cannot see well, they may be keeping their eyes open for a long period of time without realizing it. Once their vision is corrected, they should notice that they do not have to rub their eyes nearly as often as they did before they could see clearly.

Constantly Tripping or Bumping into Things

If your child trips over items left on the floor or constantly bump into furniture or walls, it could be a strong sign that they need vision correction. If your child cannot clearly see the things that they need to avoid when they are walking, they will likely bump into those things.

Constant Squinting

If you see your child squinting when they are reading or looking at things across the room, there is a good chance that they cannot see clearly. Constantly squinting can cause your child to have headaches and not being able to see clearly can cause your child to struggle in school because they cannot see the books, paperwork, or board clearly.

If you notice these signs of poor vision, take your doctor to an optometrist like Charles Richards A OD right away so that an accurate vision test can be done to determine if your child needs vision correction.