Winter is a time when you may not think your eyes need protecting, but you couldn't be more wrong. Winter is a time when you should really care for your eyes, the air is dry, and the bright sun on the white snow, winter can be just as harsh as summer on your eyes, but most people don't consider these things. Failing to protect your eyes can result in damage to your vision. Read on for tips to care for your eyes this winter.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't just a summer accessory, they should also be worn in winter as well. With snow on the ground, and a bright sunlit day, it can cause you to squint in order to see. Over time this can cause vision deterioration, or damage to your retina. Even with a little cloud cover, it may be too bright for your naked eyes. Cover them with sunglasses to protect your eyes. Be sure to wear sunglasses with UV-A and UV-B protection to also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

Use Eye Drops

Winter is a time when the air outside can be very dry. If the air is dry, your skin can dry out, your hair, and your eyes as well. If your eyes are dry, it can lead to eye strain. Eye strain can cause vision issues or even damage to your eyes. If your eyes feel dry, use re-wetting drops to refresh your eyes and to prevent eye strain. Dry air can be outside or inside your home as well. Use the drops to prevent dry eyes. When at home, use a humidifier to help add humidity to the air inside your home to prevent your eyes from drying out.

Point Heat Vents Away From The Face

In addition to the air outside and inside your home, if you have a heating vent blowing in your face, it's going to dry out your eyes as well. The vents in your car, or a heater at your desk at work can all dry out your eyes as well. Point these vents away from your face to prevent drying out your eyes.

To help care for your eyes this winter there are a number of things you can do. Protect your eyes by using the tips above and talk to your eye doctor about other things you can do to keep your eyes healthy this winter.