If you're struggling to see on a consistent basis, it may be time to schedule an eye exam. Then you can find out what's going on and take corrective action quickly. You can enjoy a smooth experience if you do the following things.

Provide Relevant Medical Information Before Showing Up

You can make an appointment for an eye exam and thus get seen a lot faster. You just want to make sure you provide relevant medical information before showing up in person. You can do this all online too. 

You'll need to give details on things like current prescription medications you're taking, eye problems that you know about, family history of eye problems, and other details about your current health status. As long as you're honest and thorough, you'll have a better time at the facility where this exam is conducted. 

Take Your Time During the Actual Exam

Once your eye exam starts with an optometrist, it's important that you take your time when reading letters on the screen that's presented in front of you. The optometrist needs to determine what you can and can't see in both eyes. You don't have to speed through this eye exam.

Just do your best to make out the letters and ask the optometrist for more time if you need it. You can also skip a row of letters too if you can't make out what they say. This patience will help you get back meaningful results that guide you to the correct solution, whether it's prescription glasses or contacts. 

Make Sure Your Glasses Fit Perfectly

If you're going in for an eye exam to get prescription glasses, then you need to make sure they fit perfectly. You may have to wear them all day long, after all, so you need to get the proper fit in order to remain comfortable regardless of what you end up doing.

The eye clinic should take measurements of your face before your eye exam is even administered. They should also get confirmation the glasses fit great once your lens prescription is ready. Be honest with them at this point.

If you can't see well anymore, you may want to go in for a formal eye exam to see what's wrong. You can have a smooth experience throughout this exam if you know what to say and do. 

For more information about eye exams, talk with a doctor.